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The concrete role of lubricants in cement production: A journey with Banesto’s solutions

Lubricants are behind-the-scenes workers of any industrial process, quietly ensuring that machinery operates smoothly and efficiently. This holds especially true for the cement industry – an industry characterized by heavy machinery, high temperatures, and harsh operating conditions. With over 30 years of hands-on experience in cement plants, we at Banesto, are not just providers of lubricants, but custodians of seamless cement production.

Why are lubricants so important in the cement industry?

The high temperatures and harsh conditions in cement plants can cause machinery to wear out quickly if it is not properly lubricated. Lubricants help to reduce friction between moving parts, which prevents wear and tear. They also help to protect the parts from rust and corrosion. As a result, properly lubricated machinery can last longer and operate more efficiently.

What types of lubricants does Banesto offer?

High-Temperature Grease: Withstanding the Heat

For high-temperature applications such as kilns and clinker coolers, high-temperature grease is a necessity. Our specifically formulated grease resists the breakdown and degradation that can occur in extreme thermal conditions, offering exceptional protection against wear and tear. Banesto’s high-temperature grease, thanks to its excellent thermal stability, ensures the longevity of bearings, leading to improved operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Gear Oils: Turning the Wheels of Progress

Gears in cement plants are subjected to considerable stress, resulting from high loads and demanding operating conditions. Our gear oils are fortified with carefully chosen extreme pressure (EP) additives, offering exceptional wear protection and extending gear life in grinding mills and kilns. This not only enhances the durability of the machinery but also aids in maintaining optimal performance.

Hydraulic Fluids: Powering Fluid Movements

Hydraulic systems in cement plants play a crucial role in various functions, necessitating lubricants with superior anti-wear properties. Banesto’s hydraulic fluids have been engineered with top-quality base oils and a sophisticated additive package, providing excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability. This ensures that the hydraulic components continue to function smoothly even under high-pressure conditions, significantly extending their service life.

Compressor Oils: Compressing the Odds

Compressors in cement plants are critical to production processes. Banesto’s specially formulated compressor oils provide high thermal and oxidative stability, significantly reducing sludge formation and maintaining cleaner systems. With superior demulsibility properties, they facilitate the effective removal of any moisture that could lead to rusting and corrosion, ensuring the durability of the compressors.

Conveyor Chain Oils: Ensuring a Smooth Flow

The conveyor chains in a cement plant are akin to the arteries in a human body, facilitating the movement of raw materials and finished products. Banesto’s conveyor chain oils are specifically designed to ensure a smooth operation, offering superior adhesive properties and film strength. This reduces wear and tear on the chains, effectively extending their lifespan and enhancing plant efficiency.

The Banesto Edge: Enhanced Performance through Additives

Our deep-rooted knowledge of the cement industry, combined with expertise in chemistry and physics, allows us to create lubricants that perform exceptionally well under demanding conditions. All our lubricants contain carefully chosen additives, such as anti-wear agents, rust inhibitors, and antioxidants, which significantly enhance their performance.

Furthermore, our commitment to continuous research and development ensures we stay at the forefront of lubricant technology, balancing performance needs with environmental considerations. We are devoted to creating lubricants that not only ensure the smooth running of machinery but also contribute to sustainability goals.

In conclusion, lubricants form the backbone of efficient cement production, reducing wear, extending machinery life, and enhancing operational efficiency. At Banesto, we consider ourselves more than mere providers of lubricants – we are partners in progress, helping cement plants across the globe run smoothly and sustainably. Our quest for excellence is tireless as we continue to innovate and improve, delivering products that meet the evolving needs of the cement industry.