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Brake Fluid: The liquid that could save your life while driving

Allow us to introduce you to the fascinating world of brake fluid, a crucial element in your vehicle that keeps you safe every day on the road.

The brake system is the guardian angel of your vehicle’s safety features. Its job is to stop your vehicle rapidly and safely when the unexpected happens. And at the heart of this system is brake fluid, the unsung hero, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that acts as a force transmitter, pushing from your brake pedal to the brake pads. The key to its power lies in its ability to endure high temperatures and pressures without compression.

Here’s where Banesto’s BXL Oil series shines. Offering two variants, BXL Oil 3 (DOT 3) and BXL Oil 4 (DOT 4), Banesto caters to the diverse needs of the market. While BXL Oil 3 serves most cars and motorcycles efficiently, BXL Oil 4 elevates the game, targeting high-performance vehicles with its advanced formulation.

Brake fluid isn’t forever, though. It requires periodic changes as it may accumulate water and impurities over time, impairing its performance and potentially leading to brake system failure.

Why use Banesto’s BXL Oil series? Here’s the magic it brings:

Reduced friction: Banesto’s formulas minimize friction within the brake system’s moving parts, preventing premature wear and tear.

Heat dissipation: Both BXL Oil 3 and BXL Oil 4 excel in dissipating heat that can build up during intense braking, warding off system overheating and malfunctioning.

Smooth operation: With Banesto’s BXL Oils, your brake system works seamlessly, ensuring easier braking and less noise.

If you’re uncertain about your brake fluid’s status, a qualified mechanic should be your go-to. An expert inspection can determine if a fresh batch of Banesto BXL Oil is needed.

The Banesto Way to Change Brake Fluid

For the uninitiated, it’s recommended to have a qualified mechanic handle the fluid change. If you’re comfortable working on your vehicle, here’s the Banesto guide:

1. Park your vehicle on a level surface.

2. Let the engine cool down after switching it off.

3. Locate the brake fluid reservoir.

4. Uncover the reservoir.

5. Using a funnel, introduce the chosen BXL Oil to the reservoir.

6. Seal the reservoir.

7. Restart the engine and apply the brakes a few times to release any trapped air.

Banesto’s Commitment to Your Safety

The right brake fluid ensures your braking system’s longevity and your safety. Banesto’s BXL Oils, by reducing friction and dissipating heat, stand guard against premature wear and tear. If in doubt, let a qualified mechanic inspect your brake system. Stay safe with Banesto’s BXL Oils, and ensure your braking system is always ready to protect you on the road.

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